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Buying a house with no down payment

This is not just for anybody. This applies to the greater Jacksonville, Florida area. Other cities and states might have similar or different programs into place. You might qualify for an affordable home loan that can save you money for other things you've always wanted to do. You might even be able to qualify for other assistance as much as $42,500.00 towards the purchase price, downpayment (0 down) and closing costs. The assistance is free money and most of it, you do not have to pay back and the minimal rest, you only pay back after you sell the house (with no interest). You might be able to walk out of escrow with some money. Certain requirements apply. Did you know that you can get a refund for what you've over paid in escrow, at the end of the year? I'm not trying to sell you anything. Contact me for further details. I'll provide you with 10 minutes of free very valuable information. I think that is very fair. I will advise you with the next steps, should you need to work on certain things. That's sll included in the free 10 minutes consultation. I can walk you, through the whole process which can take you months till you find your dream home, for a small fee.
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